Thursday, February 20, 2014

My First Blog Post (A Little About Me)

Hello my name is Adam DeVita. I am an accomplished sailor. I started sailing at the age of eight years old. I learned how to sail on the 420 Class sailboat and as oddly as it seems I have never sailed an Opti in my life. I race competitively during the summers on Cape Cod with the Wianno Yacht Club. Brent Jansen is my head coach and has helped me become an accomplished sailor. I started the NBP Sailing club at North Broward Prep. Check out my website to learn more. I own two sailboats, a Laser and a Hobie 16, which I take out every other Saturday to Lake Ida and teach the 34 members of the Sailing club how to sail. This blog is primarily going to be about my passion for sailing. It will detail many things about sailing but also how sailing impacted my life. I hope enjoy reading the rest of my blog and stay tune for future posts. 

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