Saturday, March 1, 2014

Sailing Community Service

One of my most memorable community service experiences was just this past summer. I race sailboats competitively all throughout the summer. My coach at the end of practice one day said that help was needed for a regatta. He stated that he would give community service hours out if you signed up. I quickly signed up and the following Saturday I was at the yacht club, ready help out. This was a younger kid regatta. So, there was many small children running about not knowing what to do. I first worked at the entrance of the regatta. I helped by pulling kids’ boats down to the ramp so that it is ready to launch when the race was to begin. I unloaded boat after boat and provided directions for the clueless parents on where to park. I helped the kids to their boats.

It was now time for boats to launch. I stood in the water moving hundreds of boats. I tried to get everyone out safely but it was a difficult job. During this whole process, I was also throwing water bottles into each of the boats. The yacht club told me that  I needed to give each sailor one bottle of water so that they can stay hydrated on the water throughout the day. All the boats were successfully off. However, my day was not over. I quickly hopped into a motorboat in order to help run the races on the water. This was the most awesome part of the whole community service experience. I was on the line boat with the race committee official. This wasn’t any ordinary race committee official. This was the legendary Ken Legler himself who has won many world titles and coaches only the very best teams. I between races I talked to him about sailing and how I can improve. He was a great help and even told me to come visit his team at Tufts University. We got off five races and we headed back to shore. The day came to an end and I was a content volunteer.

My experience with community service was not simply just an accumulation of hours. This community service was about something I love doing. I gave back to my community and good things came in return. I got to meet and talk with Ken Legler which led to an ultimate visit to Tufts University.

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